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Nunziata Tecnologie Agroalimentari S.r.l. came out from the old company “Nunziata Giuseppe”, established in the 40’s at the hands of his founding member , Mr Giuseppe Nunziata who was decorated for his service to industry.
Originally aimed towards the production of irrigation systems for food purposes, the enterprise started to prosper strongly and raised the level of attention of both Italian and foreign investors. Soon after, the efficient strategy of the company made its way in the dried fruit industry, following the building in 1949, of the first walnut processing factory that, in a short time, begun to represent a benchmark for the whole industry.

Due to non-stop research activity, constant diligence and the employment of specialised technicians, the company, little by little, rode out all the complications for dried fruits processing, after the setting up of complete yet modern systems for walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, chesnuts, atc… ( processing equipments ).

In recent times, Nunziata Tecnologie started to produce equipments for the Confectionary Industry achieving success after the production of new machinery complemented with large tanks, designed for the manufucture of Torrone sweets, almonds and chocolate.

A reliable structure along with the excellent quality of its products has allowed the Nunziata firm to enter the main foreign markets ( UK, China, USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, etc.. ), with a brand representing nowadays, a symbol of exclusive guarantee in the production of manufacturing equipments for the food industry.

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